Monday, January 31, 2011

iphone won't charge? Possible Solution.

My ancient iphone has been pretty good to me over the years! I thought it was a goner when my battery wouldn't charge. When I plugged in my phone the charge icon would light up like it was charging, but then it would disappear. If I took out the USB cord on my phone the icon was red and showed a small percent of battery left. Frustrating!! I tried plugging it into my computer,tried a different cord, turned it off and on. Nothing!

Normally I would be ecstatic that a older electronic gadget of mine went kaput (so I could get a new one), but I really don't use my phone much. (HATE talking on the phone.)

I googled my problem and found my solution. was a simple one. So this is for those of you out there who think it's the end of the world when this happens.

How to hard re-boot iPhone:

  • Hold down the power button (see picture above) and the home button (see picture above) at the same time.
  • Now, hold both buttons down at the same time until your iPhone reboots. (Your iphone will reboot when you see the screen flicker off.)
  • Push the power button on the top of your iPhone until it turns on.
  • Plug your iPhone back into your charger.

It should work! If the problem, or spoil yourself and purchase a new one!

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