Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Multi-Purpose Flannel Board

I'm really liking this guest posting thing!! There are some really talented ladies out there, and I'm happy to introduce them all to you, one day at a time. Today's guest post is Alison from Oopsey Daisey. Please be sure to visit her amazing blog and don't forget to enter her giveaway! Thanks Alison!

Hi all!!

I am super excited that Erika let me take over her fabulous blog today. Is Erika super-woman or what?! She scrapbooks, she crafts, she cooks, and she blogs about it all... is there anything she CAN'T do?! I will do my best to fill her gigantic and adorable shoes today.

I am Alison, the crazy lady behind Oopsey Daisy. This is my little family:

I am lucky to be married to a wonderful man who lets me go craft-crazy! And every once in a while he even pretends to like my projects! And isn't he just the yummiest:

Yeah, I'm a sucker for those blue eyes. He inspires a lot of creativity! And he keeps me insanely busy, so naptime and bedtime are craft time at my house.

Once upon a time, I was a first grade teacher. Now I am a stay-at-home Mom, looking for spicy ideas in the world of crafting, sewing, baking/cooking, organizing, and the beautiful disaster of motherhood. We live in a tiny 3rd floor apartment, so I craft in any corner I can--usually on the kitchen counters or spread out all over the floor. I make lots of messes, pull out lots of stitches, and "Oopsey Daisy" is the name of my game!

Here is just a snippet of what you might find in my crazy Oopsey Daisy world: (Images are linked)
Fun holiday ideas

TONS of sewing projects

Mother's Day ideas - I have 3 projects with printables if you need a last minute idea!

Fun with vinyl

Projects and ideas for kids

Free printables like this game:

Celebrations like this Dr. Seuss Extravaganza party:

Wreaths and banners for every season! (I am having a love affair with banners right now!)

Did you enjoy your own personal tour? I hope so! Today, I also have a little tutorial for you! I turned this $6 nothing-special-at-all whiteboard into my fabulous multi-purpose flannel board.

Want to see how I did it?

I started out with this little guy from Wal-Mart. I did like that it was a magnetic white board... it's already serving 2 purposes. Score! But I really only needed the back of the board to create my flannel board.

I wanted to make the back of the whiteboard into a flannel board. So I bought some blue flannel on sale, and cut a piece that was a bit larger than the board.

To hide the edges, I folded all 4 sides and pressed my folds under in order to create my desired size.

I used hot glue to secure the flannel to the board. Where would I be without my hot glue gun?!

The board was just a little bare for my liking... so I beautified! I added ribbon to both sides of my board.

I probably went overboard by adding felt flowers in a corner for extra cuteness. But I like the finishing touch! Here is the final product:

I was so anxious to turn this into a Family Home Evening tool that I added some burlap magnets to the whiteboard side to maximize the use of both sides!

This flannel board/white board now has 3 purposes: 1. Flannel board stories and activities. 2. Writing. 3. Magnetic activities. I love the magic of multi-purposing! We are already getting great use out of this flannel board!
I firmly believe that the flannel board is an amazing learning tool. My son is loving all of the songs and stories--that's for sure!

Oh man, that was fun! Erika, thanks so much for letting me skip over to your blog for a day.

I hope you will come on by and join me for more Oopsey Daisy fun. Right now I have a fabulous give-away going on, so come and check it out! I also share all kinds of free printables on Fridays {I call this "Free Download Friday"}. Come on over and say hello!

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