Friday, February 5, 2010

Silhouette Tile Sign

4" tiles
White Vinyl lettering Words: Love, Cherish, Adore (If you need this please contact me)
Adhesive Glitter paper
Pre-cut Silhouette
Epoxy Resin
Popsicle Stick
Soup can

  • For my silhouette I took a side shot of each of my children. I know there are easier ways to do this...but I have other uses for the silhouette. So I used my pen tool in photoshop and traced around the silhouette actually turning it into a custom shape. Then I re sized the silhouette to fit the tile.
  • Print and cut the silhouette.
  • Cut, sand, and paint a piece of wood to fit your tiles. ( Mine ended up being 6" x 15")
  • Trace your tile onto the glitter paper. You'll need one cut per tile.
  • Since the glitter paper was already adhesive, I just pressed it down onto the tile.
  • Sand the excess glitter paper (I used a belt sander) off the tile.
  • Use a heavy duty glue to adhere the silhouette onto the glitter paper. (I used mod podge at first, but it didn't adhere to the glitter very well.)
  • Make SURE the silhouette is glued well and the corners don't stick up.
  • Mix your epoxy resign according to package directions. Usually it's a two part mixture. (You wont need much mixed)
  • Prop your tiles up on a can of soup.
  • Slowly drizzle about a teaspoon amount of resign on each tile. Start spreading it around with a Popsicle stick. Add more resign as needed. It won't need very much.
  • As the resign starts to dry it will spread. If you put too much on it will run off the sides of the tile. You'll need to make sure to run a Popsicle stick underneath the tile to scrape the excess resign. DO NOT leave any amount of resign on the bottom of the tile.)
  • Slowly blow through the straw to pop the tiny bubbles on the tile.
  • Once again check to make sure the resign isn't on the bottom or sides of the tile.
  • After 24 hours you can glue the tile to the board and add your vinyl lettering.

***If you make this I'd love to see how yours turn out.****


  1. very cool. I tried tracing my kids silhouettes for a Mothers day gift for grandma one year and I was about in tears by the end. They just couldn't hold still. I finally got the bright idea to take their pics and print them out, cut out the profiles and transfer that to black card stock.

  2. Very cute! I love silhouettes.

  3. adorable idea! I love the glitter paper.

  4. love the silhouettes! I have wanted to do some for sometime! Thanks for your visit at my craft blog! i WOULD be thrilled if you followed me ;) ;) ;) Have a good one! JGG


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