Thursday, January 28, 2010

Valentines Day Tile Picture

*My project I did using a digital scrapbooking kit

{Credits: "A Year Of Memories.February" By: Dani Mogstad & Shawna Clingerman}

Tile Projects Included in your download

Items Needed:
6" x 8" Tile (found at Home Depot or Lowes for a few bucks)
Pre-Printed digital scrapbooked picture
(Or you can use a picture and regular scrapbooking paper)
Mod Podge
Sponge Brush

Acrylic Texturing Gel
Plastic Grocery Bag

Step 1: Hopefully you're familiar with a photo editing program to use the download. Just simply drag and drop your picture behind the pre-made template included in the download. It was made to fit a 8 x 6 tile. Then you can drag and drop your photo to a 8 x 10 template for printing.

Step 2: Print your photo
(I print mine at Sams club. The colors have less of a chance of bleeding when adding the mod podge when using professional photo paper.)

{ If using photo and scrapbooking paper, gather supplies.}

Step 3: Trim excess photo paper to fit 8 x 6 tile.

Step 4: Quickly brush mod podge onto the tile. Firmly press your picture onto the tile. Let it dry.
{If it bubbles, wait a few minutes then press the picture down}

Step 5: Once the photo tile is dry sand the excess paper off the edges. I LOVE the look it gives. It looks as though the picture is flush with the tile.

{Idea: add distressing ink around the edges for an antiqued look}
Dip a small corner of a crumpled plastic bag into the Acrylic Texturing Gel. Dab the gel onto the tile until you get the desired look. Let dry overnight.

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