Friday, May 14, 2010

Mirror Art

Today we have Rebekah from Potholes And Pantyhose (Don't you just LOVE her title)! I'm so excited to have her. I just came across her blog recently, and I'm sooo glad I did. You'll LOVE her crafty ideas and not to mention reading about her SUPER sweet life. PLEASE be sure to check her'll be so glad you did!

I love that Miss Crafty Pants has invited me to guest blog today! I am Rebekah from and I blog about my life on the road with my
musician hubby, my remodeling projects, my photography, and making arts and crap from
cast-offs. I think my life is pretty normal, but no one else agrees with me on that.

Today, I have a beautiful piece of art made from recycled mirror pieces. It's very simple to make and I guarantee will catch the eye of any and every visitor to your home!

Here's what you will need:

Broken or old pieces of mirror
Large Piece of painted plywood-mine is 4’ x 3’and I painted it high gloss white
Liquid Nails & Caulk Gun
Paper Bag
Drywall Screws (Or picture hanging system)

Step 1-Place the mirror in a paper bag and hammer the pieces gently. Get our some of your aggression...not all of it. You’ll want some large pieces and some small pieces.

Step 2-Retrieve the pieces with a gloved hand-trust me on this one. My hands looked like I had a fight with a barbed wire fence and lost.
Step 3-Now, arrange the mirror to your liking on the plywood. You’ll want several sizes of the mirror chunks-so don’t get overly particular about uniformity.
Step 4-Glue the pieces down with liquid nails. On the smaller pieces, you might want to use epoxy. Make sure you have a system so that you don’t forget a piece. I recommend putting a small square of blue painter’s tape on each piece and removing it when the piece has been glued down. I did not do this, as you can see. Big mistake.
Step 5-Let the artwork dry for 24 hours or more. Lift up on the plywood to test if all of the pieces have been glued down and glue down more if necessary.

Step 6-Once all of the glue has dried, mount the plywood to your wall with drywall screws, screwing through the wood and directly into studs. Paint the heads of the screws the same color as your plywood. I call them ‘incognito screws’. Or, you can also attach the mirror to the wall by using two eye hooks and picture hanging wire.

Step 7-Enjoy! You will be sure to have several compliments on this little ditty.

If you would like to see even more crafty ideas from Rebekah, visit her webpage at and check out the ‘Arts & Crap Section’!


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