Friday, May 7, 2010

"Love Notes" Note Pad Tutorial

Today we have Kristen from "The Dahling Dating Divas". I'm so excited! If you're looking for fun creative ways to keep the romance alive, you'll have to check them out!!! Thanks Kristen!

Over at The Dating Divas we are a group of 12 girls learning how to continue dating our spouse after marriage.  Each week we take turns posting a super fun, creative, and inexpensive date. As well as sharing tips and tutorials for things that are helping us in our marriages.

I sometimes have a hard time remembering to think about my husband and his needs because I am so caught up with taking care of my daughter and myself, that I often times forget to take care of my husband. :/  I am trying to change this and am now constantly thinking about ways I can show my love to my husband.

My husband's 'Love Language' is words of affirmation and I thought a good way to show him how much I love him, would be to leave him little random love notes more often.  To help me do this I decided to make a 'love notes' pad to stick in my purse.  Every time I see it I will be reminded to leave him a love note, whether it be on his car windshield, or on his pillow, or in his lunch box. etc... I want My hunzy to know how much I love and appreciate him ALL THE TIME.

I created these blank notes.

download the NOTE PAD PAPER I created

cut them up,

glued them together just at the top 1/2inch,

stuck them to a cardboard box and trimmed off the extra cardboard,

folded the top of the cardboard over a 1/2 inch at the top

 covered the cardboard with craft paper and stickers,

and Wal-Ah, I have a 'love notes' pad

and then I stuck it in my purse.

problem solved!

*make sure to remember a pen.

For more great ideas, check out all of the Divas over at
We post a new date every Monday and are constantly sharing tips and advice.  

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  1. I love this idea.. it is such a great tut.


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