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Statement jewelry

Today we have Beq from halfway around the world...where is she from you ask? I think the first word she typed will give it away!!! I am so excited to have a real life fashion designer guest blogging today. I must say that this is a crafty pants first!
Please be sure to visit Beq's blog. She's amazing!

(Image- Photographer: Scott G Trenorden, Model: Amanda MacDonald)

G'day Miss Crafty Pants Readers....

...Thanks Erika for this opportunity to share my designs with your readers...

To introduce myself to you all - my name is Rebecca Timson. I live in Perth, Australia.
In 2005 I changed up a successful career in Sports Management to study - FASHION!!!
Since then, I have been fortunate to have had quite a bit of success. I was featured in a national magazine called Box Magazine and have had my designs in a number of runway shows. You can see more of my designs at
Today I am going to share with you some of the statement jewelery that I designed specifically for the runway. Statement jewelery is a great way of sprucing up an outfit. It adds drama and if done well, enhances and compliments your collection. Like most catwalk designs you can't always wear them as everyday pieces but with a bit of tweaking you can change them into trendy easy to wear accessories.
Here are some of my designs from a runway show December 2009.

(Images above- Photography by Penny Lane, Model: Kelly Holmes from Scene Model Management)

(Images above - Photography by (left) Penny Lane, (right) Karen Cheng, Model: Stephi Mclean)


How to french knit a Necklace: This is the easiest piece of jewelery you will ever make. All you need is:
  • Wire of your choice (I used Designer Wire 20 gauge Gold 2x 10m bags)

  • French knitting Kit also known as spool knitting or corking (you can usually pick this up from your local craft supplier or knitting and yarn shops)

  • and a jewelery clasp (I used a magnetic three prong gold one that I picked up from a bead supplier).

1. If you know how to french knit all you have to do is french knit the wire to the length you desire (If you're unsure of the length, drape a piece of string around your neck and use that as your guide). Cast on and off the same as you would yarn. If you don't know how to french knit check out this youtube video to see how, keeping in mind you will be using wire instead of yarn. If your wire is too think you will need to use pliers instead of a hook.

2. Squeeze each (finished) end in on itself so it is easy to add the jewelery clasp.

3. Sew on the clasp using wire (you may need to get some thinner wire if your wire is too thick for the clasp loops).

Your necklace is ready to wear!!! You can add or vary depending on what you want. I used this necklace at my last runway show. I added a bunch of thinner french knitted wire to the front of the necklace for more volume.

(Images above- Photography by Penny Lane, Model: Kelly Holmes from Scene Model Management)

Good luck and I hope this tutorial inspires you to make some costume or statement jewelery for yourself.

Send me a message on my blog to let me know how you go and if you have any questions.
Take care!


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  1. What an amazing story - from sports management to fashion design. Wow!


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