Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Work With Me Wednesday (New Feature)

I have been so busy working on getting my website up and running that I've neglected my poor little craft blog!

I am starting a new feature this Wednesday. It's called "Work with me Wednesday".
I will post a project or craft that I'd like to tackle. I will post the picture and link to the craft you should be working on for the week.

Craft away and have fun during the week. Be creative... add your own personal touch and style to make it unique.

The following Wednesday I will have a picture Linky where you can add your picture and link to your blog. Please stay focused and on task with the chosen craft.

This week's "Work With Me Wednesday" is felt food.
"delicious" doughnut tutorial can be found HERE

I'm not asking for any particular felt food, just whatever you think looks fun.
If you follow someone else s tutorial, please include the link to the original post in your blogger post.

I can't wait for next Wednesday to see all your crafty goodness!!!!

Here are a few blogs with lot's of felt food links to help you get started!!



  1. Erika, I am seriously wowed by everything that you do! I awarded you the Sunshine Award! You can check it out here:


    Thanks for all of the inspiration!


  2. Love your new look! I wish I could figure out more of the blog design stuff. And I love this idea of a wednesday project. It is always good for some fun modivation. Felt food really does look fun too. I have yet to try it.


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