Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Want to learn some html codes? Learn Here!

I've had a lot of comments about my scrolling marquee at the top of my page where I welcome my new followers. I thought I'd teach you how to do that today!

I'm hoping to post an html code, or blog design tutorial every so often to help you learn. Is this a feature you'd like to see?

*Just simply copy the code I provided below in the scroll box, and paste into your html. Change the wording or to what you want. For the Scrolling image, upload your photo/file to photobucket and copy the "Direct Image" link and insert it into the code where it says.
Any questions? I'm happy to help.

Scrolling Images

*For the cupcake to go right , change "left" to "right" in the html code.

Continuous scrolling text
Welcome Miss Crafty Pants Followers

Text bouncing back and forth

Have a fabulous day!

Text Scrolling Upwards

Does this make you feel sick?


  1. you are amazing!! thank you for this post!
    i am bookmarking it!

  2. Thank you! I'm usually pretty good at figuring this stuff out by googling it but I couldn't think of the word "marquee" for nothing! :)

  3. this is soooo rad!
    to answer your question, yes! this is something i'd like to see more often as a feature on your site!

  4. I do want to learn more!! Not sure I'd add the marquee but still, it's pretty cool!

  5. [LOL} YES!!! That last one made me sick! :) What a great idea! Yes - you should totally do more of this stuff. I am always wanting to learn more! Hey - thank you SO much for emailing me directions on how to do that link-up with pics! I don't know if I have even thanked you yet!?! You are SUCH a doll! Seriously! Luvs, Tara

  6. Erika...thanks so much for these awesome codes!!


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