Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guest Blogger: Crystal's Craft Spot!!

Today's guest blog is Crystal from Crystal's Craft Spot. Hop on by her blog for TONS of craft inspiration!!! Thanks for swappin!

Hi everyone! I am Crystal from Crystal's Craft Spot. I am so excited to be swapping blogs with Erika today. Doesn't she have the cutest projects and I love her digital scrapbooking products (I use them often).

Here's a little about me! I am a stay at home mom of two little girls and the wife to a very sweet and adorable guy. I stay busy chasing around the kids, cleaning, cooking and all of that other fun stuff. I also teach my daughter preschool at home. (you can find our preschool blog here). Crafting is my way to relax and take a break from everything else I should be doing. I love to do anything crafty and I am always excited to try something new. I love craft blogs and am constantly inspired by so many. If you have any projects or a blog please share them with me I would see them and possibly feature them. (If I follow your blog or leave a comment I show up as the Harris Family) I try to post daily and include a ton of tutorials so please stop by any time.
Erika had some fun questions she asked so here you go:

-How long have you been married? 5 1/2 years
-Kids ages? Aubrey 4 and Olivia (Livy) Almost 2
-Where did you grow up? central Washington and currently live in Utah
-Religion? LDS
-Favorite Colors? Red-I add it everywhere. But I love brown and pink for anything I make for my girls
-Favorite Food? Pizza & Reece's
-How long has your blog been established? I started in July of 2009 but really started posting a ton in September
-A few things we don't know about you-I was a cheerleader in high school (did I mention I hate being in front of people, I'm pretty shy), I am the oldest of 6 and would love to have 6 kids, I am terrified of traffic and would love to live in a tiny town in the middle of no where. I am allergic to most fresh fruits and vegetables. Oh and I love LOST.
-Something you wish you could do better & What crafting skills do you lack? organizing (and cleaning), exercising, photography, I'd like to learn how to sew a little better, I really want to start cutting my own wood and even build my own furniture (husbands not going for it)
-How would you explain your crafting style? I really like a variety-I get bored if a project takes too long or if I feel like I am doing the same thing over and over again. I often make things based on our current needs either for our home, a holiday, my girls, or anything else that comes up
-Favorite tutorial on your blog? probably my wall art. I love how it turned out.
Okay enough about me lets get on to the tutorial. I love decorating for holidays but even more I love when I can save time (and supplies) and use something for several holidays. That's where this project comes in. I saw this adorable branch in a Creating Keepsakes magazine and knew we needed one. I know Valentine's is just in a few days but wouldn't it be cute to switch out the hearts for shamrocks for St. Patrick's day, or decorated eggs for Easter, leafs for Thanksgiving-I think you get the point. This is so easy and fun-My four year old helped me and had a great time.

Here's what you need:
a branch-I found a few on the ground
white spray paint (optional but looks cute)
a vase (or something to put your branch in)
filling (we used Easter grass)
double sided pattern paper and colored paper
glue dots
Start by spray painting your branch and letting it dry.
Add a little grass to the bottom of your vase. Add your branch and push grass in a little at a time to fill in any empty space (we used a pencil to push it down and in place) Cut out large hearts in various sizes from your double sided paper (you can use regular pattern paper but this was just easier if people are going to see the back). Hole punch and tie cute ribbon on to make a loop. Hang on your branch. cut out some tiny hearts on colored paper (I set my Cricut to 1 inch)
optional-Have your little one tell you some people she love and write one on each heart. Attach to your branch with glue dots.
Cut out various size of flowers-fold the petals upward to give them a dimensional look. Attach to your branch with glue dots. Add ribbon to your vase and your finished. A beautiful decoration for Valentine's that can easily be changed all year.

Come visit my blog anytime. Thanks Erika for letting me stop by today. I had so much fun!


  1. Such a cute idea!

    Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog Erika, I am so glad to have found your blog!!!

  2. Love the spray painted branches! If there wasn't 6 feet of snow outside (okay I might be exaggerating a little bit) I would go outside and grab some!


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