Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blog Swappin' with " The Creative Crate"

I am so excited to have Stacie guest blogging over here today. I've been a huge fan ever since she started! Thanks Stacie!

Well Helloooo Miss Crafty Pants Fans!!!!!
I'm Stacie...the CraZy one behind The CrEaTiVe CraTe...and I am SuPer Excited to be bloggin' over here on Erika's AweSoMe blog today! {Which by the way...I LoVe!}

A little about me:

I am a SAHM with 4 awesome kiddos...and a wife to one awesome...and very PATIENT hubs :)

  • How long have you been married? 11 awesome flies.
  • Kids ages? 9,7,4,2
  • Where did you grow up? I was born in SLC, but I grew up in Pocatello, Idaho
  • Where do you currently reside? In SW Idaho!
  • Religion? LDS
  • Favorite Colors? I LoVe brown. brown & pink, brown & blue, brown and orange...ok...brown and anything.
  • Favorite Food? I have always had a LoVe for Pizza... and anything Chocolate!
  • How long has your blog been established? Since March of 2009!
  • Fears? Spiders, Snakes, Falling.
  • Favorite Blog/s and why? There are a TON in blogland...but if I must choose here are a few...

Ucreate-because Kari does all the hard work in finding awesome DIY projects!

Make It and Love It- I don't know how Ashley does it...but she is always coming up with FuN & CuTe sewing projects! {now...if I could only sew}

The Idea Room- Amy has a ALL-ROUND FuN blog with ToNs of great ideas.

  • Naughty Little Secret? I do HATE with a clean Bathrooms. Especially when you have little boys. :)
  • No Crafter is perfect...what gives or is neglected? Well...I'm not going to lie...but when I am in the middle of a project...I have a tendency to get in the ZoNe...where I forget to do everything else like getting the kiddos dressed... making lunch {unless they remind me} :) ... shower. :)
  • Hobbies? LoVe crafting of course...camping with my Family...4-wheeling...traveling...clogging...blogging, going to thrift stores, checking out yard sales.
  • Something you wish you could do better? Speak in public without getting so nervous...Cake Decorating & Photography.
  • Which crafting skills do you lack? Definitely...Sewing.
  • Do you sell your crafts? No...but i have been seriously thinking about it.

OK..OK...enough about me...on to the tutorial:

~DIY Painted Canvas Art~

First...I started off with a 16x24 canvas ...that I painted white...

Then...used my Cricut...and cut out the words that I wanted to stencil on the canvas...
Then...laid the letters on the canvas to decide where I wanted them...and marked lightly with a pencil...

Then used the stencil part of the cutouts...and taped the middles of the letters to the stencil so that my letters have middles...{hope that made sense?}

Then...line your stencils up to your markings you made...and start stenciling.
TIP: I placed a few books under my canvas to give the canvas a flat, hard surface to make it easier to stencil on.

Then fill in your tape marks from the letter middles...

Then...I wiped stain on the edges of the canvas with a rag {I use Minwax ...dark walnut stain}...

And there you have it!!! Very simple...and FuN!

Erika...thanks so much for letting me take over your AweSoMe blog today!!


  1. I am now a follower of both your blogs!

  2. LOVIN the ideas here! I am happy to say that I am follower of yours AND Stacies blogs now woop woop! :)


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